Check out Funko’s POP! Town Wayne Manor and Hall of Justice

It seems like many of my merchandise reviews begin the same way: me yakking about how excited I was when I saw something at Toy Fair. Nevertheless, at the risk of sounding repetitive…

I was so excited when I saw Funko’s POP! Town at Toy Fair…

…especially the Wayne Manor and Hall of Justice sets. Each is a delightfully cute take on its comic book counterpart, and each comes with a standard POP!—and it just so happens that these POP!s are incredibly relevant to we Batman fans. Let’s have a closer look.

Wayne Manor (with Alfred, Alfred’s combover, Alfred’s mustache, and an empty cowl)

The Manor is an adorably squat take on Bruce Wayne’s family home. I particularly like the turrets and the roof treatment—I think these really sell the thing, and while this could easily be something else if you change the context, it still fits as Wayne Manor when Funko tells you that’s what it is.

The Alfred POP! is an unquestionable delight. Featuring the iconic combover and mustache that we all identify with Batman’s most trusted ally, it really leaves no doubt—though there’s also an empty cowl on his tray in case you were in need of more convincing.

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The Hall of Justice (with Batman, Batman’s yellow oval, Batman’s capsule utility belt, and Batman’s heroic arms-akimbo stance)

The Hall of Justice looks very Hall of Justice-like, with the familiar facade, pond, and sculpture from Super Friends and other media. It’s fairly plain on the back and sides, but it still looks good.

The Batman POP! appears to be exclusive to this set. Aesthetically, it’s Super Friends, but unlike the regular Super Friends Batman, this one is in that classic, fists-at-the-hips hero pose. It looks fantastic.

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Funko’s new POP! Town line is a great idea, especially for Bat-fans. The Manor and the Hall are awesome takes on iconic DC locations, and the included POP!s are equally delightful. Here’s hoping we’ll see Themyscira, the Batcave, the Hall of Doom, and others before long. You can find Wayne Manor and the Hall of Justice in stores and online now.

DISCLAIMER: Funko provided these sets to Batman News for the purpose of review.


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