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It seems that the delay in shooting on The Batman may be far from over.

While Matt Reeves offered a small update on Wednesday, Variety has shared news that actors and reps are being told across the industry to not expect filming to resume until mid-May at the earliest.

When production shut down on The Batman back on March 14, the belief was it would only last for two weeks. That would put resumption of work on Monday, March 29, but there is no way that can currently happen. The United Kingdom is currently in the first week of a mandatory three-week shutdown due to the coronavirus, so no films will be able to film in the country until that concludes. And now, industry-wide, studios are alerting productions that they just don’t see anything shooting until mid-May and even that may be optimistic.

Variety does note that The Batman had seven weeks of filming done at the time of the shutdown, but it is unclear how much is left to shoot. It had been noted for some time that it was going to be a long shoot, so seven weeks may be a drop in the bucket.

It should be noted that if the production does not resume by mid-May, the odds will increase significantly of a release delay. The Batman still occupies the June 25, 2021 release date, but the question now is if it can stay there.


SOURCE: Variety