Get Metal with Funko’s Red Death and Devastator POP!s

Funko recently sent Batman News a rather huge box of goodies, and I’ve been having a blast photographing everything. Two of said goodies are Dark Nights: Metal POP!s for Red Death and Devastator. These are their stories.

Red Death

If the comments in our Comics section and around the web are any indication, Red Death has been one of the more popular character designs from Metal. Funko captures the key bits (including that awesome, lightning-split bat emblem on his chest) here, and I’m really digging the translucent speed energy features. I’ve tended to enjoy these evil Batmans more the further I remove them from the story (and their one-shots), and this POP!—as well as the Diamond Select statue I reviewed a ways back—certainly help.


This one is HEAVY, and it is AWESOME. Devastator was probably my least favorite of the Dark Brucies, but this is unquestionably my favorite merch to come out of the whole affair. Part of it is the crazy big heaviness of it. Part of it is how craggy and Doomsday-like he really looks (never appreciated those jagged bat-ears until now). Part of it is how the head is still, in essence, that trademark Funko box. But a major part of it is also that, every time I look at him, all I can see is this:

Fitting representation of Greg Capullo’s design from Dark Nights: Metal? Sure. Beavis’s spirit animal in Funko POP! form? Please and thank you.


There’s not much else to say, really. With these sorts of things, the pictures really say all that needs saying, and these two look fantastic. Like the best of Funko’s stuff, these manage to take the key components of very memorable designs and perfectly apply them to an undeniably POP! aesthetic. You instantly know these are Red Death and Devastator, but you also instantly know that they’re Funko. And I think they’re just great.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these collectibles from Funko for the purpose of review.