Who dat Bat? A look at two of Funko’s oddball Batman POP!s

Batman is incredibly adaptable, both in-universe and out. And when it comes to merchandise, there’s no shortage of unique takes on the base aesthetic of the character. Funko has produced a wide range of comic and film-faithful Batman POP!s, but the King of Vinyl has strayed from the source a few times, too, releasing some oddball Batmans that are clearly Batman, but clearly something…more.

Two such oddballs are the Joker’s Wild Batman and the Special Edition Red Batman. Funko recently sent these guys to Batman News, so let’s take a look at them.

Joker’s Wild

This is basically an all-white Batman that the Joker went nuts on. There are little pictures, purple ha ha has, red and green gloves, and a sizable smile on the cape. I don’t really have much else to say. If you dig the Clown Prince’s defacements, then you should get this POP!—if you can track it down, that is. It was an Entertainment Earth exclusive, and it is no longer available from the retailer, so you’ll have to search the secondary market.

Special Edition Red

This is a metallic red take on the standard, black 144 Batman POP!. Everything on the suit is metallic red, save the chest emblem, which has the same black bat as the standard edition, but with a grayish background instead of yellow.

You should be able to tell just by looking at the pictures if this is for you. Some will like it, some won’t—though I suspect Funko has this one aimed at that set of folks that tries to collect everything.


Funko has something for everyone. You want standard Batman, faithful to the source media? They’ve got you covered. But what if you want something different, something a little more abstract, that pays homage to Batman and his greatest foe? Try the Joker’s Wild (if you can find it). Want something a bit more bold and unique? The Special Edition Red will certainly stand out. Both POP!s are fun, and are sure to add some zing to your collection.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these collectibles from Funko for the purpose of review.