Infinity Studio has released information for its life-sized Justice League Superman bust, and it looks like it walked off the screen.

Are you in need of a life-sized reproduction of the torso and head of Henry Cavill’s Superman? Infinity Studio has you covered. This approx. 35-inch tall piece is made of a variety of materials including medical grade silicon. It’s amazing how lifelike this piece looks and we’d love to have it in our home. We’ll warn you, however, it costs $3,099.

Superman, the first ever super hero in the world. The bust was authorized by Warner Bros. 88cm in height, head sculpt and skin are all made by platinum silicone, skin texture is clearly visible, and can be preserved for long.

Meanwhile, we adopted hair transplant technique to represent hairs , moustache and fine hairs. Besides, to vivify his mysterious blue eyes, we customized a pair of blue ocular prosthesis for him specially, aimed at revive the scene that he changes from reporter to Superman by our utmost.

Displacement and Storage Condition

  • Adequate temperature: 0-30℃. Life circle of product may reduce when temperature is too high or too low.
  • Adequate moisture: 20%-60%. Hair style may shift if the moisture is too high.
  • Avoid direct sunshine. Silicone bust can only be displayed indoors.
  • Stay away from sharp objects and fire while deploying
  • Be careful with dust. Displacement effect can be influenced with dust stick on silicone parts and clothes.

Conservation and Maintenance of Silicone parts

  • Remove surface dust regularly with soft brush. Cleaning should be infrequent, only clean it every 3-6 months.
  • Remove stain with soft wet fabric duster gently.
  • Do not rub, stretch, or scratch face and other naked parts.

Silicone material used in this product is eco-friendly.

The Superman bust is up for preorder now on Sideshow.