New Wonder Woman 1984 photo shows Diana fighting Cheetah

New images keep appearing for Wonder Woman 1984, and the one some people will consider the most exciting one yet has arrived.

Throughout the seemingly endless buildup to Wonder Woman 1984, we’ve been promised Cheetah (Kisten Wiig), but seen very little. While we aren’t seeing her in what will be her final form, we’re finally seeing her face off with Diana, and it looks to be a pretty even match.

PHOTO: New Wonder Woman 1984 photo from DC_Cinematic

The new image shows Wonder Woman has Barbara/Cheetah lassoed, but from the way her feet are braced, she’s experiencing some resistance.

The second new image shows Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) wrapped up in the lasso.

OTHER: WW84 new still from DC_Cinematic

It’s becoming increasingly clear this fight in the White House is going to be a long one, and we’re all for it.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on Aug. 14.