Nic Pizzolatto talks about his dream Batman project

True Detective - Season 1

Nic Pizzolatto is best-known for creating HBO’s True Detective, but it seems he spends some time daydreaming about Batman as well.

As the coronavirus pandemic marches on, people are finding interesting ways to entertain themselves. It seems for Pizzolatto that meant someone asking a simple question and it turning into his battle plan for a Batman movie.

To be super clear here, Pizzolatto is in no way connected to a Batman film at this time, it’s just a fun little exercise.

“Batman is the only character in the world I didn’t create that I want a shot at,” the writer said. “And he’s the only piece of geek culture I have any affinity for.”

Pizzolatto then did a bit of a deep dive saying, “Batman’s no-kill policy is valid and should always remain. BUT the policy does not exist because “killing makes me as bad as them” or some kindergarten bullshit. That never held water at all.” He went on to add, “Batman’s no-kill policy exists BECAUSE BATMAN’S REAL AND ETERNAL ENEMY IS DEATH. DEATH is his real enemy.”

“Batman’s superpower is not money. Batman’s superpower is that he thinks of everything,” Pizzolatto added. “And he has the strongest will of the species. If he had some time to strategize, Batman could credibly defeat God.” He finished off the thought exercise by saying, “And his money doesn’t matter; it’s merely a convenience. It actually adds to his heroism: his wealth means he could have done literally ANYTHING else than what he devotes his life to.”

It’s an interesting take, and one we certainly would be interested in seeing one day.