Kaley Cuoco teases Harley Quinn-Poison Ivy romance

Could the Harley Quinn-Poison Ivy romantic relationship finally be making its way to the animated series? It sure seems that way.

With Poison Ivy having a relationship with Kite Man (Hell Yeah!) on Harley Quinn, it has felt as though the relationship with Harley wouldn’t exist in this iteration. Apparently you should never say never.

Kaley Cuoco, the voice of Harley, appeared on CONAN and hinted at the potential romance saying “Let me put it this way: Harley should probably buy some calamine lotion.”

While an amusing way to put it, we’re not sure she needed to write it down.

Harley Quinn is currently in its second season on DC Universe with new episodes premiering on Fridays. Season one will be coming to SyFy this Spring.