Val Kilmer talks about his decision to leave the role of Batman

When you land the role of Batman, it’s a pretty monumental moment. But what happens when you realize it’s more about the Batsuit wearing you?

In a new profile on Val Kilmer from The New York Times, the actor addresses his departure from the role of Batman. After only starring in Batman Forever, the story has been he had a scheduling conflict with his next film, The Saint. While Kilmer says that is indeed true, it also didn’t help that he had come to a realization about the role.

Kilmer reflected on a moment on the set when he kept the suit on – something he apparently hated – because he heard billionaire investor Warren Buffet was going to drop by with his family. What the actor quickly realized was that everyone was far more interested in the gadgets and the Batmobile then speaking with him. It was in this moment he realized anyone can wear the cowl. “That’s why it’s so easy to have five or six Batmans,” he told the Times. “It’s not about Batman. There is no Batman.”

It would have been interesting to see Kilmer give the role another go, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. As everyone knows, we moved on to George Clooney’s one and only turn in the Batsuit in 1997’s Batman & Robin.


SOURCE: The New York Times