Dark Knight trilogy heading to theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan

The Dark Knight - Heather Ledger - 01

If you’re in Hong Kong or Taiwan, the Dark Knight trilogy is about to hit your film screens once again.

Movie theaters in various countries are very cautiously reopening their doors amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This leads to another issue, however, and that’s a lack of content.

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Warner Bros. is dusting off some of our favorites to get people in the mood for Tenet. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy will be hitting both markets in the coming weeks.

In Hong Kong, Batman Begins will open on June 4, The Dark Knight on June 11, and The Dark Knight Rises on June 18. In Taiwan, the films will be released beginning May 29.

Currently, some predictions are saying that theaters will need to be at 80% capacity before movies have a shot at normalized box office returns. Until enough seats open up, expect a lot of these types of showing to take place around the world.