Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure (Mondo Exclusive) review

Today we’re talking about Mondo’s latest foray into Batman: The Animated Series collectibles (my favorite type of collectibles). You’ll recall that Mondo already released a 1/6 scale Batman (that I liked), a Mr. Freeze (that I loved), and now we have Selina Kyle herself joining the collection. This time around I filmed the unboxing and review of the figure, and then typed out a shorter commentary for folks who can’t watch videos while at work or visiting their in-laws. But first, here’s some ad copy…

Based on the seminal BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure stays true to the animated classic. Sculpted to match the iconic style of the show with a paint scheme evoking the bold, graphic look of an animated cel. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Ramirez Studios, and painted by Jason Wires Productions, the figure features packaging designed by Brent Ashe with art by Phantom City Creative. Catwoman comes fully equipped to slink into your collection, and maybe take something from it…

Artists: Ramirez Studios, Joe Allard, Jason Wires Productions, Brent Ashe, Phantom City Creative.

Figure Includes:

– Regular Head

– Smirking Head

– Sneering Head

– 5 pairs of hands

– Isis the Cat (sitting)

– Coiled Whip

– Flexible Whip

– Spy Camera

– Bat Cuffs

– Large Diamond

– Bag of Loot

– Jeweled Necklace

– Approx. 30 points of articulation

The $165 Mondo Exclusive version we’re talking about in this review features an unmasked Selina Kyle head and a lounging Isis the Cat as well. She’s about 11.5 inches height, weighs around 3 lbs, and is made from PVC and ABS.

Mondo’s Catwoman 1/6 scale figure fails to match the level of quality we saw from their recent Batman: The Animated Series (further referred to as “BTAS” in this article) Mr. Freeze collectible. Catwoman looks great from afar, but up-close you can tell that the face just ain’t right– and that’s the most important part. Only the cowl-less Selina Kyle head sculpt that’s included with the Exclusive Version of the figure looks like a worthy recreation of Bruce Timm’s artwork, and when you buy a $165 Catwoman collectible… you kinda want to display her with the cowl on. Additionally, there are several instances of sloppy paint application on the assorted heads and the accessories (the necklace, especially) that I didn’t catch until after filming my video review.

Catwoman’s body is sculpted perfectly, and I think mine was painted quite well. Keeping with the style of Mondo’s BTAS line, Catwoman sports a cell shading effect that I think looks marvelous– but if you didn’t like that look with Batman or Mr. Freeze,  I assure you that these accents are far less distracting with Catwoman. This is probably because her costume is predominately gray anyway, so a lighter gray tone here and there goes relatively unnoticed, except for on the black gloves and boots. However, they used the cell shading effect on the black elbow joints, which can swivel out of alignment with the rest of the highlights and become noticeable and annoying. I was also dismayed at how easily the wrist joint would break apart anytime I swapped out one of her hands for another.

Her body boasts around 30 points of articulation, which should make for some dynamic posing possibilities, but I firmly believe you’ll need to find another stand. Unlike Mr. Freeze and, to a lesser extent, Mondo’s Batman, Catwoman cannot stand on her own two feet. Her small feet and slender ankles can’t support the rest of her, and that means a stand is essential. Unfortunately, the wire cradle that’s included with the figure (it’s exactly the same as the one that Freeze and Batman received) rubs against her belt– a pretty serious problem.

As for the bonus items, I like that Mondo is pairing its figures with episode specific collectibles. It’s a terrific approach that we also saw from DC Collectibles’ 6-inch BTAS figures (Coincidentally, DC Collectibles did a horrible job on Catwoman’s face, too). But here they used the same episode “The Cat and the Claw” that DC was inspired by, and the binoculars and the necklace were boring then and they are boring now. That said, the cat Isis that’s included here is fantastic! I really love the exclusive one that can actually be draped over Catwoman’s shoulders. And, if you’re wondering, yes Mondo’s Catwoman is far, far better than the 6-inch DC Collectibles Catwoman, even with all its flaws. It’s also about $130 more expensive, though.


It is good, but a sub-par head sculpt and a variety of quality control issues prevent it from being great. If you have your heart set on completing your collection of Mondo BTAS figures (they do look awesome displayed together) or you adore the look of the cowl-less Catwoman, go ahead and buy the Exclusive figure. Otherwise, I would suggest getting the base model for less money if you’re even the slightest bit tempted to purchase after hearing all my nitpicks. Mondo stuff sells out fast, so if you want it you’ll need to move quick. If you’re on the fence about it because of the price, though? I’ll say don’t do it. Personally, I think it would have been a fine piece to own for under $100, but there are too many issues with it for me to say that it’s absolutely worth the $165 price tag.

Batman News received a sample of this collectible from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.