Matt Reeves reportedly planning on adding Joker for The Batman sequel

While The Batman is still currently shutdown due to the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about a sequel. And it looks as though that sequel may include a new version of the Joker.

As Matt Reeves’ The Batman came together, the rumors about which villains it would include swelled as high as six at times, but it looks as though it settled on three main ones finally. One name that seemed out of the running early on was that of the Joker, but it seems he may be back in the mix for the seemingly inevitable sequel.

According to Daniel Richtman – by way of The Direct – Reeves is planning on introducing the Joker in his second film, and the Clown Prince of Crime carrying over to the third film. There will also be some form of establishing comment made in The Batman in 2021.

And before fan theories run wild, Richtman made clear this will be a new version of the Joker, meaning yet another actor will be donning the famously white visage and emerald locks.

Who will be playing the Joker this time around? Judging by the casting decisions Reeves made for The Batman, it feels as though it will be someone totally unexpected. We would definitely suggest leaving your expectations at the door.

The United Kingdom is beginning to restart productions, so hopefully, The Batman will be back before the cameras not too long from now.

The Batman will hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.


SOURCE: The Direct