Batman writer Denny O’Neil passes away at the age of 81

Denny O'Neil
Luigi Novi/Wikimedia Commons

Well-known Batman writer and editor Denny O’Neil has passed away at the age of 81.

O’Neil joined the staff of DC in 1968 being one of the staffers brought over to the company when it acquired Charlton Comics. O’Neil would go on to write for numerous DC books and eventually become the group editor of the Batman family of books.

While he is credited with bringing Batman back from the camp style that followed the 1966 television series, he may be best known for some of his social issue stories in Green Lantern. O’Neil was the writer of the story that gave us the famous cover of Green Lantern #85 that spelled out that Speedy had become a drug addict.

Green Lantern - Vol 2 - 85 - Cover
Green Lantern – Vol 2 – 85

O’Neil would return to Marvel where his career began in 1980. He remained there until his return to DC in 1986 when he became editor on the Batman books until 2000. He would also work on The Question, Green Arrow, and co-created Azrael with Jow Quesada.

O’Neil is survived by his wife, Marifran O’Neil, and his son, filmmaker Lawrence O’Neil.


IMAGE SOURCE: Luigi Novi/Wikimedia Commons