Batman Begins turns 15 – The return of the Dark Knight to the screen

It’s hard to believe anyone ever had any trepidation about how good Batman Begins would be, but you all have to remember where we were coming from.

When it was announced that a live-action Batman was coming back to theaters, the general consensus seemed to be, “oh no…”. To be fair, the last time we had dealt with a live-action Caped Crusader had been in 1997 with Batman & Robin. It would be hard to argue that some hesitation was indeed in order with that in mind.

Add in what was a fairly unknown director at the time and the guy from American Psycho playing Batman, and you can see why the fear kept building. Then the footage arrived, and things were definitely looking up.

Christopher Nolan definitely crafter a heck of a trilogy, and we owe it all to Batman Begins hitting general release on June 15, 2005. And as we acknowledge this occasion, we sit here crossing our fingers for the launch of Robert Pattinson into this beloved role, but we can look back fondly at the Dark Knight trilogy for years to come.