Batman Forever turns 25-years-old

June has always been a big month for Batman films hitting theaters. That leads to some stacked up anniversaries. On June 15 it was the 15th anniversary of Batman Begins, and one day later we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of Batman Forever.

Batman Forever marked the first of two Caped Crusader films directed by Joel Schumacher. While it shared some cast with Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, there has been some debate if it counts as the same series. That really is up to each individual to decide, but with the radical changes in design and tone, the argument can certainly be made for them being different.

Considering it was almost 10 years to the day between this film and Batman Begins, it’s honestly amazing we didn’t get whiplash from the change in tones.

Happy birthday to Batman Forever… and for making all of us feeling old when we realize it was 25 years ago.