Aquaman swims into the new season of Fortnite

Fortnite - Aquaman - Teaser - Featured - 01

Fortnite and Warner Bros. are continuing their relationship and this time its the Jason Momoa version of Aquaman.

Last year we saw Batman and Catwoman join Fortnite. Then, this past Feb. we saw Harley Quinn join the game to celebrate the release of Birds of Prey. Now, the game is expanding with a water theme, and it seems like the perfect time for the most famous water-based hero to join the game.

Here comes Aquaman.

The chapter 2, season 3 Splashdown launch trailer shows off Aquaman in the classic orange and green costume.

You can see his second skin – which will have him shirtless and in the black pants – in this second trailer.

It seems like these will be maps that will definitely play to Aquaman’s strengths.