Lucifer season 6 is now official, and they swear it’s the last!

Lucifer - Season 6 - Renewal - 01

Following on from the official date announcement for Lucifer season 5, Netflix has now made the season 6 renewal official.

When Netflix picked up Lucifer after Fox canceled the series, it didn’t take long to announce season 5. It was also announced that season 5 would be the final season. But then it was decided to add more episodes to it, and then, apparently, even more talk began happening.

It was officially announced on Tuesday that Lucifer is indeed returning for a sixth and “FINAL final season.”

We’re going to take everyone’s word that this is truly the final season, we’re just hoping that the late-stage change in the course allowed for the scripts to be reworked.

Lucifer aired for three seasons on the Fox network in the U.S. before it was canceled. Then, thanks to a massive fan campaign on social media, Netflix stepped in and took over the series.

Seeing as Lucifer season 5 will debut on Aug. 21, we would imagine it will be a long time before season 6 makes its debut.