Rocksteady reportedly working on Suicide Squad game

Suicide Squad Characters

Thanks to some newly discovered domain name registrations, it appears that Rocksteady is about to dive into the underworld of DC with a Suicide Squad game.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting another DC game from the crew at Rocksteady, and it seems that one is indeed in the works. While fans have wished for another Batman title, or the long-rumored Superman game, it appears that the studio has something else in mind.

Some new domain names were registered by Rocksteady recently including “” and “” According to Euro Gamer, however, it’s a third domain name that more than likely hints at the game’s plot, and that one is “”

As to the Gotham Knights domain name, that is believed to be for the constantly teased game that has involved an endless stream of symbols.

With the domain names being registered now, it seems like a safe bet to expect them to be discussed at the DC FanDome event in August. It is believed we will see far more of the Knights game than the Squad one due to rumored launch dates.

Now we can begin the speculation of which Suicide Squad characters will make the cut!


VIA: Euro Gamer