Patty Jenkins has ‘hit the pause button’ on Wonder Woman 3 for now

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While we all await the arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 in the fall, directory Patty Jenkins appears to be giving some serious thought to Wonder Woman 3.

Wonder Woman 1984 was recently moved back to Oct. 2, but the film is finished. This gives Patty Jenkins the luxury of thinking about what comes next, and she thinks there’s going to be some changes to her original plan.

Not long ago, Jenkins said that she had a story arc planned out for Wonder Woman across the first two films, an Amazonian spinoff, and Wonder Woman 3. But then the coronavirus pandemic arrived, and that has caused her to reevaluate things slightly. Speaking with Total Film about Wonder Woman 3, Jenkins said, “I’ve really hit the pause button. Because the truth is, where that plotline was coming from was our state of being six months ago. And so I want to make sure that I’m totally absorbing whatever the result of this pandemic is.”

“We’re not starting to work on that movie right away,” Jenkins said of returning to work post-lockdown. “I’m hoping to do this Amazon movie before we do the third Wonder Woman. And I may not do either of them. You never know what will happen in this world, you know? But yes, I think the plotline will stay very similar, probably. But I want to make sure it’s influenced by all of this.”

While we’re sure you won’t see Diana punching COVID-19 in the face, there is no doubt that this pandemic will influence stories in subtle ways for years, if not decades, to come.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.


SOURCE: Total Film/Games Rader