Wonder Woman 1984 cast and crew talk Golden Armor and Cheetah

How exactly does one realize Wonder Woman’s Golden armor in real-life? With a lot of work and patience.

In the most recent issue of Total Film, there the cover story is the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. Ever since the trailer arrived, all eyes have been on Diana’s Golden Armor. There’s a lot to take in, and it sounds like a lot of that is due to the amount of work that went into it.

Speaking with Total Film, costume designer Lindy Hemming said that everything began with “a fantastic undersuit” that was made up of “tiny panels of urethane” that were then applied to a catsuit. All of that was then painted gold and additional 3D-printed polyurethane items were place on top of that.

“It’s like the Batsuit, or anything: all small parts,” said Hemming who worked on The Dark Knight Batsuit. “An armadillo-like articulation means that the person can move and twist and turn, and it will return to its previous position. Having said that, it was not pleasant to wear — and no armor of any kind is pleasant to wear!”

Thankfully the costume was in pieces which allowed Gadot to wear only parts of it when necessary. “She could wear part of the armor. So she could have her legs free while she was being filmed from the waist up. And the wings would be taken away when they weren’t needed, which was often.” And the wings, as one would imagine, took a lot of work.

“Patty wanted the wings to become ‘a one-woman formation of shields, so no one can attack her.'” This led to the creation of  “several sets of wings,” and that included some that “have cages behind them, so that Gal can be shot in among them.”

A Bit on Cheetah

While the focus was on the armor, there’s another visual that is going to have a lot of importance in Wonder Woman 1984 and that is the big-screen introduction of Cheetah.

Kristen Wiig will be bringing Barbara Minerva to life and will bond with Gadot’s Diana at the Smithsonian over “geology, gemology, lithology, and part-time [cryptozoology].” And that last bit may be our first hint to how Minerva gets her powers.

“What I love about it is they genuinely start out as friends,” Jenkins told Total Film. “And hopefully you’ll agree that the evolution into being foes tracks kind of organically. It’s like a friendship gone wrong — as two people go on different journeys in life.”

But as to her look? Well, they say the initial version is “not as costume-y” as she has appeared in comics and cartoons. Kristen Wiig promises, though, “there’s a whole different version of Cheetah that you’ll see in the movie.” But if she will get a full transformation, Wiig would only say, “To be continued!”

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.


SOURCE: Total Film
VIA: Syfy Wire