DC Universe subscribers being offered HBO Max deal

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If you’re already subscribing to DC Universe and want to give HBO Max a try, there’s a new deal for you.

DC Universe is offering a new deal that will let you add HBO Max to DC Universe subscription for $4.99 a month if you are an annual subscriber. This is a savings of $10 a month over the normal price for HBO Max if you subscribe to it as a standalone.

This deal is only open to subscribers who do not already have HBO Max. If you do take advantage of the deal it will run until your annual plan is up for renewal.

While nothing is stated as such, there is a lot of speculation that this is an attempt to get DC Universe subscribers ready for an eventual move to HBO Max. With Doom Patrol season 2 simultaneously releasing on both services, it feels as though the plan is definitely there for the two to work closer together.

Add in the number of DC properties that came to HBO Max as of July 1, and the evidence just seems to continue to mount.

Speculation and rumors aside, the new deal is still a solid one and one worth taking advantage of if you want to try out HBO Max. Simply log into your DC Universe account and see if the code is being offered to you.