Lucifer season 5 trailer – The devil’s back, but different

The first Lucifer season 5 trailer has arrived, and it’s clear that something isn’t quite right with the King of Hell.

As Lucifer season 4 drew to a close, the titular character returned to his throne in hell after a rebellion by his demons. As all of his loved ones on Earth try to deal with his absence, it seems they’ve all dealt with it in their own way. Now he’s back, but something is decidedly different about Lucifer Morningstar.

If Netflix is willing to show this much in a trailer, it makes you wonder what else the new season could have up its sleeves.

Lucifer season 5 was scheduled to be the final season of the series, but it has now been picked up for a “final final” season. Season 5 part 1 will debut on Netflix on Aug. 21.