The Batman reportedly to resume shooting in September

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It would appear that we finally have some idea of when work will resume on The Batman, but it’s going to be in a different format than when it stopped.

The Batman shut down on March 14, and ever since then it has been a waiting game to see when it would resume production. While the U.K. has now greenlit the resumption of production on various projects, there had been no word on when The Batman would swing back into Gotham. A new report gives us at least a speculative date.

Kris Tapley – formerly of Variety, and currently with Netflix – tweeted on Monday that The Batman is setting its sights on resuming production in Sept. There will, however, be a large change in that everything will now be shot in studio and all location work is scrapped.

Thanks to numerous set photos and videos, we know that quite a bit of work was already done on location. Hopefully what remains won’t be difficult to transition to a more set based operation.

Sets have been used extensively throughout Batman’s film history as it is difficult to find the perfect representation of Gotham City. This will definitely not be a new endeavor for the Caped Crusader.

We’ll keep an eye out for any formal announcements from Warner Bros. about the plans for the film. Currently, The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.