DC Announces a “Batman: Death in the Family” Interactive Animated Movie

Animated movies are something DC is well-renowned for nowadays, but today marks their first step into something more unique: an animated choose-your-own-adventure entitled DC Showcase – Batman: Death in the Family.

IGN recently premiered an exclusive article that details an interactive adaptation and continuation of the 1988 comic Batman: A Death in the Family. The storyline is most well-known for killing off Jason Todd, the second Robin, after a fan vote decided his fate. Harkening back to those days, viewers are once again capable of deciding if Jason lives or dies, along with a myriad of other branching paths.

The animation style draws from its predecessor, the 2010 animated feature, Batman: Under the Red Hood, which recently reached its 10-year anniversary. While one branching path in Death in the Family seems to be a recreation of the film, other branching paths include a reinterpretation of the Hush storyline, with Jason taking the mantle of the bandaged supervillain. Meanwhile, another path seems to follow Red Robin, usually a persona owned by Tim Drake, the third Robin. The interactive movie retains the same cast, including Bruce Greenwood as Batman, Vincent Martella as Jason Todd, and John DiMaggio as Joker. It will also introduce several new roles to the story, including Talia al Ghul (played by Zehra Fazal), Two-Face, and Commissioner Gordon (both voiced by Gary Cole).

Due to being an interactive movie, the runtime of the film is significantly lowered; affording it the DC Showcase label, often reserved for DC’s animated short films. To compensate for this, the release will also include several previously released shorts, involving characters such as Sgt. Rock, Death, Adam Strange and The Phantom Stranger.

Batman: Under the Red Hood is often praised as one of the best animated Batman movies of all time, and with good cause. It’s excellent to see more content being drawn from it, and you can look forward to a review of the film when it releases in Fall of 2020!


Author’s Twitter: @ObnoxiousFinch