Dark Knight trilogy production designer discusses the inspirations for the trilogy

The Dark Knight Trilogy was unlike anything we had seen before in a comic book movie, and a lot of that is thanks to Nathan Crowley. How did some of his iconic designs come to be? He’s sharing some insight into the process.

We had spent years with the Burton/Schumacher Batman films that took us to a heightened fantasy version of Gotham City. With the start of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, we ended up in a far more grounded world that felt like you could run into Batman when you turned a corner.

Speaking with Collider in a new video interview, production designer Nathan Crowley walks fans through the process of everything starting with a re-imagined Batmobile.

In the world of toy design, when you work on a new toy using existing parts it’s called “kluging” or “kit bashing.” It’s crazy to think of going to Home Depot and picking up entirely consumer grade items to come up with your Batpod.

It’s a fascinating interview and provides some real insight into how the Dark Knight Trilogy came to be.