Taking a closer look at Diamond Select’s JL Animated Batman statue

I didn’t grow up on the Justice League animated series, but I do have a great deal of appreciation for it. It has my favorite “heavy hitter” JL lineup, including Johnny over Hal, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl. I love the multi-part episodes focusing on different team members, too. It’s great.

Diamond Select Toys has put out a lot of cool DC animated stuff over the years, but it’s been a little while since we’ve seen any resin statues (busts, as much as I love them, don’t count). That all changed at last year’s New York Comic Con, where DST showed off their upcoming Justice League Trinity—not in the more common Gallery PVC line, but as part of the resin Premier Collection. Batman finally hit stores recently, and DST was kind enough to send one to Batman News for review. So let’s have a closer look!

A mostly-faithful reproduction

One of the few things I dislike about the Justice League series is what they did with Batman’s cowl. Why do the ears have to flare out and sweep back? Even Bob Kane refined his Batman away from the flare, so it feels like a step back, at least to my tastes. As you can see above, the statue actually leaves this particular design element out. That makes it a better fit for my tastes, but as a reproduction of what was on the series, it falls short. If you’re looking for complete faithfulness to the series, it maybe looks a little closer to Unlimited, which isn’t nearly as flared.

The rest of the suit is essentially on point, from the bat symbol, to the belt, to the gauntlets and boots. The blue accents—meant to replicate the highlights used on black design elements in the series—look a little strange, but it’s not a huge liability, at least not in my opinion. The overall profile of the statue is quite nice, and I actually appreciate the simplicity of the base—I think simplicity is usually the best option for any Timmverse collectible.

The biggest downside to this statue—which is the biggest downside to most Diamond Select collectibles—is the rough paint application where different colors meet. You can see it with skin color on the part of the cowl that meets the face, or where gauntlets and boots meet the suit. You can’t see these things from far away, but if you spend $150 (or $130 on Amazon right now) on a statue, you can be forgiven for expecting it to have nice paint lines.


Paint lines and cowl faithfulness aside, this is a pretty sweet statue. I wouldn’t pay $150 for it, or even the $130 that you can find it for online now, but if you manage to find one for closer to $100, I’d say go for it.


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