DC FanDome teaser video promotes the fan event

DC FanDome is mere weeks away, and now we have a teaser video to get us prepped for the event.

DC has released a short teaser video to give us a very small taste of what we can expect from DC FanDome when it kicks off on Aug. 22.

We’re hopeful that some sort of schedule will be announced soon. The “24 hour” part of this promotion has had us guessing for some time if events will be going on the entire day and night, or if some things will repeat for different timezones. We just don’t know for sure as of yet.

DC FanDome was announced on June 16, and it promises to cover every portion of the DC universe. From comics to movies, it sounds as though everything related to the characters will be touched on throughout the event.

We can’t wait to see what DC has in store, but with everyone related to DC hyping up the day-long celebration, it sounds as though this will be a day for the history books.