Kristen Wiig talks Cheetah and Wonder Woman 1984 in new interview

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Wonder Woman 1984 is getting closer to release, and now Kristen Wiig is sharing some of what went into landing the role of the Amazonian’s arch-enemy.

When you think of casting supervillains in movies, comedian and actress Kristen Wiig isn’t probably going to be the first name you think of. But the Saturday Night Live alum landed the role of Barbara Ann Minerva (aka Cheetah) in Wonder Woman 1984, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Speaking with InStyle for a wide-ranging interview, Wiig discussed how the role came about. “I’m a superhero nerd, so this is my dream. I’ve always wanted to have superpowers. My agent called and said, “Patty Jenkins wants to talk to you. She won’t say what it’s about, but she’s directing another Wonder Woman movie.””

She went on to add, “It was all very secretive. I went out to London to test for it, which was one of the most nerve-racking things of my life. After that, Patty and I met for a drink and really hit it off. I didn’t hear anything for a while when I got home, so I flipped out when I got the part. I never thought I’d get the chance to be in one of those movies — I’m in my 40s, and I’m not known for being this type of actor. I would look around the set and think, “I can’t believe I’m in this.””

Landing the role is one thing, but as everyone knows, but then comes preparing for the role and the actual shooting. “Eight months in London, but I had to train for a few months at home first. I was excited to get in shape, but it was really f****** hard, and there were no days off.” Wiig made it clear, however, that she did not have the roughest time of it on the film. “My schedule wasn’t like Gal [Gadot]’s by any means, because she was there all day every day. But I had stunt training, and when they’d show me previews of what I’d have to do, I’d be like, “Are you insane?” By the end I felt strong and had a ton of energy. I felt good — it wasn’t about getting skinny or muscly. But I went through so much Epsom salt. And wine.”

“It was pretty great — I’m not going to lie. I had the best time. I love London, and my fiancé was with me, and everyone from the movie got really close and lived in the same little village. I was just so happy to be there. It’s the biggest movie I’ve ever done. And the costumes were on a whole different level. There were so many fittings and then rehearsals with the costumes on.”

If you’re hoping for some leaked photos, however, it appears they won’t be coming from Wiig herself. “No, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. This was lockdown. They have it somewhere, and you will see it. But there are different evolutions to my character. I will leave you with that.”

With DC FanDome right around the corner, perhaps we will finally see a high-def photo of Wiig in her final Cheetah form. We can certainly hope.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 2.