Matt Tomlin discusses what drew him to co-writing The Batman

If you thought playing the Batman is intimidating, imagine what it must be like trying to write for one of the most iconic characters in history.

While Matt Reeves spent a few years fine-tuning his take on the caped crusader, he didn’t do it completely alone. Matt Tomlin worked on it with him and has some thoughts on what drew him to it.

Speaking with The Nerdist about his upcoming Netflix movie, Project Power, he also spoke about what drew him to working on The Batman. “If you just look at what Matt Reeves does, those apes movies are just f***ing incredible!” said Tomlin. “They’re movies that bring me to tears. There are times where you look at it [and] you’re like, ‘This is a movie about talking apes. Like, this is ludicrous.’ Yet it’s really about something. It’s real and to be able to pull that off on a big blockbuster canvas is amazing. Same thing with Let Me In. Same thing with Cloverfield. Those are about very real, emotional things and the characters feel so realized and palpable and that’s Matt Reeves.”

“Then, you know, there’s the people that he collaborates with. He’s a repeat offender!” Tomlin continued. “He works with [cinematographer] Greig Fraser over and over. He works with [production designer] James Chinlund. He works with [writer] Mark Bomback. I think if you just look at his résumé, it should tell you everything you need to know. So to just be invited to the table to play a small, small part in that is mind-blowing.”

Currently, The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021. Filming on the film is rumored to resume in Sept.


SOURCE: The Nerdist