The Batman may return to filming in two weeks

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It appears those rumors of a resumption of filming on The Batman happening in September may have been right on the mark.

Before we go too far here, we’re going to say right now that there is some supposition in this information.

Alex Ferns is confirmed to be playing an unknown role in The Batman. The actor took to his Twitter on Monday to say, “Start filming again in 2 weeks. Thank God. Lots of exciting stuff coming up!!! Grateful”.

And this is where the supposition comes in as we are assuming that he is discussing The Batman. Depending on the size of his role, he could have already wrapped on The Batman before it shut down for coronavirus, and he’s talking about a completely different project.

But with the rumors of The Batman resuming production in Sept., and two weeks from now being Aug. 31, it seems likely that is what is happening.

Currently, The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.