Supreme Knight: Mezco’s take on Batman’s twilight years

Mezco’s latest One:12 Batman is here, and it completes the trilogy started a few years back with the Ascending Knight, continued with last year’s Sovereign Knight, and concluding with this, the Supreme Knight.

Each figure was meant to capture the Caped Crusader at key milestones in his career, and the Supreme is the Frank Miller-inspired, twilight-years, beefed-up entry to the line. So how did Mezco do?

I like the aesthetic overall. While I’ve always been less enthusiastic about The Dark Knight Returns than your average Batfan, I’ve always loved the beefy old Batman look that Miller brought to the page. The Supreme Knight is noticeably beefier than the previous figure in this series, The Sovereign Knight, and I think all of that bulk looks great.

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the same as in the Sovereign: that raised bat symbol on the chest. I get that a screened emblem might be tougher to pull off—and might have a shorter life—but something like the absolutely gorgeous yellow oval on the Onyx edition of Sovereign would have been better than the degree to which this one is raised off of the chest.

The hands, heads, and accessories are varied and great, and the fit and finish on everything is to Mezco’s usually high standards. One nice addition is the inclusion of an alternate, wired cape. In the past, Mezco provided one cloth cape, no wires, and then a set of these really awful-looking, tough to use posing wires. I hated those stupid things. With this Supreme, though, you can put on the wire-laced cape and make Bats look in-air with ease, and then switch to the cloth-only cape for more shadowy-stalker poses. Great stuff.


The Supreme Knight is a smidge more expensive than its predecessor, but with a bulkier figure and a major cape upgrade to compliment the various accessories and interchangeable body parts, I think it’s worth it. It looks great, offers tons of display possibilities, and continues to secure Mezco’s spot at the top of the high-end 6-inch figure market.


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