Rumor points to multiple Batsuits in The Batman

The Batman - Trailer 1 - Early Look - 1

An old rumor has gained some new credence thanks to some specific footage in The Batman trailer.

As we watched the first The Batman trailer, there was a lot to take in, but one scene in particular stuck out. Six months ago a Reddit user had described working on the funeral scene in the cathedral. This was tied into the rumors surrounding the Cardington Sheds from around that time.

The funeral scene wasn’t the only piece of info he shared, however. He went on to say that there is a second Batsuit used in the film. His belief, and he made it clear part of this was speculation, was that the first suit gets destroyed fairly earlier in the movie. Batman then replaces it with something a bit less bulky.

It’s extremely similar to Spider-Man’s SHIELD suit from the ‘Far From Home’ movie last year. The material is very similar, being a sort of tactical padded fabric material. There’s way less straps and extra details on the batsuit compared to the Spider-Man suit but the material and look is very similar.

It’s grey, with full black gloves extending to his forearms and black boots. The symbol is no longer metal and lacking ears, it’s a more “classic” version of the symbol on the first suit in the film. The cowl is made of a higher quality material than the leather of the first cowl. The ears are medium-to-long length and the mouth opening is much smaller. He no longer has the collar. (I think he might have the white eyes too)

The utility belt is a bronze-gold faded color, and it’s more pouch than the futuristic metal type belt of the Nolan films.

We do recommend taking this with a healthy dose of salt, but as they were right about the funeral scene, it definitely warranted a second look.

Currently, The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.


VIA: The Direct