Justice League Dark concept art shows off a massive Swamp Thing

Justice League Dark - Houston Sharp Concept Art - 16-9 - Featured - 01

Justice League Dark has had multiple attempts at making its way to live-action. That means a lot of concept art has been generated, and now some of it has been shared.

Houston Sharp has shared some pieces of concept art from Doug Liman’s canceled Justice League Dark project.

Two of the images focus on a very different version of Swamp Thing than we’ve seen before. When arsonists start a fire in the swamp, Swamp Thing takes form as a giant tree creature

You can see the second image at the top of this story and is just another possible form for Swamp Thing.

Another piece of artwork he showed off featured Klarion – a boy’s corpse possessed by flies – asking Constantine for a turn with the prostitute he hired.

Clearly this was going to be an interesting take on the mystical side of DC.

Justice League Dark is in play once again, but this time as a series for HBO Max. No release date or potential team lineup has been announced as of yet.