McFarlane Toys announces Platinum Edition chase series

McFarlane Toys - Platinum Edition - Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze Edition - 16-9 - Featured - 01

McFarlane Toys is getting into the chase variant game with an all-new Platinum Edition initiative.

During the McFarlane Con in July, the company teased that a new chase program would be coming soon. That time has arrived and the Platinum Editions will kick-off with an Arkham Asylum Joker Bronze figure.

The new Joker figure will hit retail shelves beginning in Sept. 2020 and will be limited to 3,000 produced worldwide. The figure will be a random pack, so it’s going to take some hunting to find them.

Beginning in 2021 all od the chase figures will be stamped with a foil label saying “McFarlane Platinum Edition.” The initiative will extend across all of the McFarlane toy lines, but is just kicking off with the DC Multiverse line.

Happy hunting out there!