Exclusive Preview: First look at two spreads from Insight Editions and Mondo’s Batman: The Animated Series: The Phantom City Creative Collection

There are few publishers that get me more excited about new product than Insight Editions.  Their output is consistently excellent, with attractive volumes that range from cookbooks to art collections to the anatomical breakdowns of different superheroes.

When Insight announced that they were teaming up with Mondo for a book that collected a bunch of exclusive prints based on Batman: The Animated Series, you can rest assured that they had my rapt attention.  I mean, a great publisher, a great studio, and one of the greatest television shows of all time?  You can’t beat that combination.

Insight have provided Batman News with an exclusive first look at The Phantom City Creative Collection, with two of the interior spreads available for you to enjoy.  It’s some stunning work based on “The Cat and the Claw” and “Dreams in Darkness,” so check them out below.

Batman: The Animated Series: The Phantom City Creative Collection will be available on October 6.


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