The Batman: More cast and crew are quarantining for two weeks

Production on The Batman looks as though it will be going into a nearly complete pause for two weeks due to the coronavirus.

As was reported extensively on Thursday, production on The Batman was shut down due to someone testing positive for COVID-19. Later in the day, the reports revealed that it was Batman himself, Robert Pattinson.

On Friday morning a report surfaced that filming might continue on portions of the film not involving Pattinson, but that now seems to not be the case.

A new report from Variety clears things up slightly as studio insiders have said filming is shut down and will remain so. Cast and crew that came in contact with Pattinson will need to quarantine for the standard two-week period and then shooting will be able to recommence.

There is, however, some work continuing on the film in spite of all this with additional set construction continuing and prop work as well. As those departments are likely to have not come into contact with the same areas as the main crew, this makes sense for the film.

There is no indication of who it involved in the current quarantine process. It just depends on who was filming with Pattinson in the past few days and there is just way to know that at this time.

Filming on The Batman has resumed this past Monday after a 5 and a half month break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 1, 2021.

SOURCE: Variety