Upcoming Comics: September 8, 2020

We’ve got a light week this week. If you’ve been reading Batman & the Outsiders, then you have that to look forward to, otherwise, there’s you might out of luck. I mean, I guess if you’re on the Death Metal train, you’ve got the Trinity issue, but, I’m pretty much over events right now. I just want some solid stories.

Alright, on to business. This week’s releases are listed according to our anticipation scale, with titles listed in alphabetical order within each sub-header. For each title, I’ll include the official solicitation, the talent credits, a random comment (or rant), and the Batman News team member that will be reviewing each book. Following that, you’ll find notes pertaining to other DC Comics titles, as well as our Graphic Novel Watch. And finally, we want to hear from you! What titles are you picking up? Why are you excited? What do you hope will happen in the book? Etc. So, without further ado, review our Anticipation Scale, and comment away!

The Anticipation Scale

NO! – A comic I downright dread reading and if I wasn’t a reviewer, I would never buy it.

“You Don’t Have to Thank Us” – The idea of reviewing it doesn’t make me ill or angry, but it definitely sounds like it’s going to be a chore. Still, I’m reading it for you. I’m putting it at the bottom of the pile, but I’m reading it for you.

Mixed – A middle of the pile comic. It’s probably got the same chance of being dreadful as it does of being stupendous. I’m neither looking forward to it or avoiding it, whatever happens… happens.

Intrigued – I think this comic has potential to be a fantastic read. There’s some slight hesitation there, but it’s definitely going to be at the top of the pile.

TAKE MY MONEY – Everything about this issue has me excited. If I don’t get to read this book on Wednesday, I will be furious. I would pay extra just to have it in my hands right now! That’s how much I’m looking forward to it!

And as a reminder, our review scale is based on a 10-point system. A rating of “5” means the book is mediocre/average, and the more toward “10″ we go, the more awesome/worth buying it is. The more toward “1″ we go the more awful/not worth buying it is. That’s how we rate things. It’s not like most video game review scores where everything under 8 is crap, and it’s not like a school report card where everything under a 7 is failing or close-to-failing. Please keep this in mind when reading our reviews.



Batman & the Outsiders #16
It’s the last chance for the team to save the world-and to save Orphan and Signal from giving their allegiance to Lady Shiva! Plus, will Katana’s soultaker sword finally break for good? Will Black Lightning give off his last spark? And will Batman be able to destroy Ra’s al Ghul’s weapon?

Written by Bryan Edward Hill
Pencils and Inks by Dexter Soy
Colored by Veronica Gandini
Cover by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto

Josh’s Stance: Outsiders has been a solid, consistent run, and lets face it… That’s rare in comics these days. I’m sad it’s coming to an end soon, but I’m happy we were treated with this gift.

Batman News Critic: Josh



Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1
With Superman freed from his New Apokolips prison, the classic Trinity lineup is reunited and ready to rock! Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman amp up their power to launch an assault on Castle Bat, and that’s just the warm-up act! Three walking nightmares are hidden deep inside the fortress-but these Dark Multiverse versions of the Anti-Monitor, Superboy Prime, and Darkseid hold the key to humanity’s survival. The Justice League have to face down their old nemeses, but will round two be the end for our heroes?

Written by Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Francis Manapul
Colored by Ian Herring
Cover by Francis Manapul

Josh’s Stance: I’m starting to feel Death Metal fatigue. It’s all just a bit… much. While I thought Death Metal started stronger than Metal, it’s quickly lost steam. And if I’m being honest, I think it’s because there’s not much of a focus on these evil Batman. I mean, think about it. One of the most intriguing aspects of Metal, was the variety and depth of the evil Batmen. Here, they’re just canon fodder. Meh. We’ll see.

Batman News Critic: Casper


Joker/ Harley: Criminal Sanity #5
Dr. Harley Quinn has confronted horrific crime scenes created by a serial murderer who treats his work as high art. But when she is confronted by the killer himself, her life takes a drastic turn. Will she be able to return to the status quo, and simply help the GCPD to catch this killer? Or will the encounter change her forever?

Written by Kami Garcia
Pencils and Inks by Jason Badower and Mico Suayan
Colored by Annette Kwok
Cover by Francesco Mattina

Josh’s Stance: Criminal Sanity is an interesting book because I enjoy it, it’s fine, but it doesn’t grab me. I read it, think it’s solid, and move on. Nothing stays with me. I don’t find it fun. I don’t find it shocking. I don’t feel that it’s great writing… It’s just ok. Great art, though. Fantastic art!

Batman News Critic: Nick



Nightwing #74
The Joker has poisoned Ric Grayson’s mind with false memories and pitted him against Batgirl, the Robins, and Batman. As Batgirl realizes the key to ending this nightmare is through the crystal around The Joker’s neck, it’s up to Grayson to use it on himself and fight for who he really is: Nightwing! And if he doesn’t get stuck in his own memories, will he be able to rescue the Bat-Family from The Joker’s plans and end this cruel joke once and for all?

Written by Dan Jurgens
Pencils by Ryan Benjamin
Inks by Richard Friend
Colored by Rain Beredo
Cover by Travis Moore and Alejandro Sanchez

Josh’s Stance: Look… Enough of this shit. Ok? I’m sorry to cuss (no, I’m not), but… Just give us Dick back. We’ve endured enough. And if you’ve been on here yelling that you want Dick back, that first issue that he really is back, you better buy issues like crazy! Make it go into third and fourth printings. Send DC a message. (And then pray that they handle him well.)

Batman News Critic: Michael



There are no Bat-related graphic novels being released this week.