DC FanDome: Batwoman season 2 will be driven by two mysteries

Batwoman - 2021 Poster - Featured

During day two of DC FanDome, the Batwoman panel had the cast share thoughts about season 1 before we got to spend some time with Ryan Wilder herself, Javicia Leslie.

Leslia shared her excitement about getting the role, but it looks like there was a lot of reasons she was named the new Batwoman. Amongst them is her hobby of practicing Muay Thai, but said that when she joined the series God Friended Me she switched to Kickboxing as it fit with her schedule more. When time allows, however, she will still pick up some more Muay Thai time.

As the discussion transitioned to what we have look forward to in season 2 of Batwoman, there are two main mysteries that will drive the season. The first is the mystery of what happened to Kate Kane. It seems that every character will have their own theory on her whereabouts, and that will drive us deep into the season.

The second part of it will be how the existing characters take to Ryan Wilder taking on the mantle of the Bat. How will Mary (Nicole Kang) accept her stepsister is missing? Alice (Rachel Skarsten) had built all of her plans around Kate, and that has been taken away from her. (She, of course, will also have some new issues of her own to deal with) And how will Luke (Camrus Johnson) feel about yet someone else entering the Batcave?

And as to the Batsuit, expect it to evolve early in the season to take on some of Wilder’s own touches.

There is going to be a lot to deal with when Batman returns in 2021.