DC FanDome: Pennyworth season 2 will see a pregnant Martha Kane

Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 107: Julie Christie
Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 107: Julie Christie

The cast and creators of Pennyworth had a panel at DC FanDome that had a big surprise in store for what is to come in season 2.

After some reminiscing about season 1 of Pennyworth, we finally got some information on season 2. The season was in production when the coronavirus pandemic caused everything to shut down, but only two episodes had been completed. With so much more left to film, there wasn’t much information that could be shared as of yet.

One thing that they did decide to share, however, was that this season will see Martha Kane (Emma Paetz) become pregnant. We should note that at no time did they say that Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) is the father. Those of you that watched season 1 may remember Martha woke up naked in a field after a night she couldn’t remember at Crowley’s mansion. It seems unlikely that the child is a result of that night as Thomas will head back to the U.S. to recuperate from his gunshot for nearly a year. But there’s still nothing to say she is pregnant with Bruce at this juncture.

While it was already known that Lucious Lucius Fox will be a character this season, co-creator Bruno Heller promised that would not be the end of the easter eggs for Batman fans in season 2.

There’s still no word when we’ll see Pennyworth season 2, but we’re ready to continue the adventures from season 1.