Young Justice: Phantoms will be the title of season 4

Young Justice - Season 4 - Logo - Featured

The cast and crew of Young Justice attended DC FanDome by video conference and brought some good news with them.

The voice actors entertained the audience with an original audio play entitled “Young Justice: FanDome. Season 3.9. Episode 1” which was performed in character before diving into the news.

While no work on the animation has begun yet – meaning we have a long wait ahead of us – we know the title for the fourth season. Young Justice: Phantoms will be the name we’re working with next time we meet up with our favorite team of teens.

There is currently no timeline as to when Young Justice: Phantoms will debut, and we also don’t know on which platform. We would assume it will be on HBO Max, but that does not seem to be official as of yet.