Canceled DC game artwork shows off new Batman armor

Jerad Marantz - Batman concept - Video game - Featured - 01
Jerad S. Marantz

Canceled projects are always a bit of a heartbreak because you are left wondering about what could have been. In the case of some Batman concept art from Jerad S. Marantz, we’re really feeling this one.

Marantz has a diverse career as a concept artist working on past DC projects as well as HBO’s current Lovecraft Country. He has been sharing some concept art he did for a canceled DC game. While he has shown off some artwork for Bizarro, King Shark, and Parasite, the centerpiece, of course has been his take on an armored Batman.

Besides numerous static images he has shared, he has also shared a turnaround video of the figure without his cape.

“Here’s a turntable of my Batman design for a canceled video game. Not quite sure why I took the time to resolve everything under the Cape, but that’s the thing with costumes, you really have to understand how everything flows and wraps around the figure. Also I always liked the idea of Batman being able to get rid of cape quickly if he’s in a brawl and surrounded.”

This Batman seems to have a bit of everything in him from some Kingdom Come design notes, to some Thomas Wayne Flashpoint flourishes.

It’s a shame this game was canceled, we would have loved to have seen this Batman in action.