Harley Quinn showrunners say we have quite a wait ahead for season 3

It felt as though it took forever, but Harley Quinn season 3 is finally happening. However, don’t expect it soon.

Harley Quinn showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker recently sat down with Deadline for an extensive interview about how the show came together. As the discussion turned to season 3, the inevitable question was asked if we could see it before the end of 2021.

“That would be, I think, an optimistic guess,” replied Schumacker. “I don’t know if they’ve announced the episode order number yet, but let’s just say, we’re not doing two seasons back to back, like we did. That may give us some relief, in the sense that there’s not as big of a production load. So, I would say optimistically, we’re looking at probably the end of 2021.”

Hopefully it won’t slip into 2022, but with all of the delays we’re seeing, you just don’t know at this time. The co-showrunners also shared that we’ll see more of the world from Poison Ivy’s point of view in season 3, as well as diving into her origin a bit more.

“We spent two years digging into Harley, and Ivy was her own character, but her stories were told mostly in relation to Harley. So, I think in this third season, it’d be interesting to flip that, and dig deeper into Ivy and her life, and tell some stories through her point of view,” said Halpern. “So, we’re excited to be able to do that because it feels completely new—somewhere to go that we haven’t gone, that isn’t going to make the audience feel like, “We saw two seasons of that. What the f**k is this?””

So long as Bane and Kite-Man (hell yeah) get some screen time as well, it looks as though we will all walk away happy.

SOURCE: Deadline