Saturday Night Live namedrop Bane in a musical sketch

How do you know your place in pop culture has been solidified? When Saturday Night Live feels it can name drop you nonchalantly.

Saturday Night Live returned to air this past Saturday night, and as one might imagine there were a lot of jokes about the coronavirus pandemic. Amongst the sketches was a music video entitled “Hello” which was all about the mystery of seeing the lower half of a girl’s face. Around 48 seconds, Pete Davidson – who will have his own DC moment when he appears in The Suicide Squad – raps about how girls are looking like Bane.

Also in the video is Megan Thee Stallion who performed a song on the Birds of Prey soundtrack, while a small connection to DC properties, it’s still a connection.

What struck us was the ease of the reference. Imagine a world where Bane can now be referenced with such ease. We admit, however, it might a bit more impressive if it was a reference to someone like Clock King, but you never know what the future holds.