Diamond Select’s Penguin Diorama statue review – A great take on an iconic villain

Diamond Select DC Comics Penguin statue

It’s tough to find nice things to say about the Penguin. He’s really good with an umbrella? He has a way with bird puns? Batman: The Animated Series did a whole episode about what a tragic figure Penguin can be in the right context, and the taunts of high society sent him back to a life of crime in that story. It’s a good thing, then, that I have nothing but glowing compliments for Diamond Select’s Penguin diorama statue.

The Penguin measures about 8.5-inches at the tippy top of his top hat by 6.5-inches wide at the base. Diamond Select lists the designer as Caesar and the sculptor as Atherton. You can pick this stout boy up for $49.99 on Diamond Select’s website and a couple dollars less over on Entertainment Earth.

At that price, this is an easy figure to recommend. End of review. Okay, maybe not.

Iconic and lively

This is, in short, an iconic take on the character that is as lively as it is attractive. The character design itself is classic. Penguin sports his top hat, fur-lined coat, purple pin-stripe pants, and even his wingtip shoes and cravat are along for the ride. The goodness extends down into the faux marble floor he stands on, with one of his classic rocket-equipped penguins at his side.

It’s hard to know where to start. There are a lot of little touches here. The Batarang on the end of Penguin’s umbrella has little cracks painted on it to show that Penguin just stabbed right through one of Batman’s steel throwing stars. The Batarang itself is a little bit bent, and that’s really one of the few negative things I have to say here.

I love the pose, too. Penguin is one of those Batman villains that borders on self parody. He’s proven deadly more than a few times over the years, though. Here he looks imposing. The way his coat flaps out, the imposing way he wields the umbrella–it looks like he just got one over on Batman and knows it.

Even the base is good

Diamond Select DC Comics Penguin statue

The build on all this is great, too. Aside from the bent Batarang, the whole thing feels sturdy. Penguin is a top-heavy character but he’s attached firmly to the base. His coat is firm but not brittle. The paint they chose for him evokes the comic-book and animated series look, too, with the colors slightly muted. The paint is largely very clean, with very few spots where it feels like it bleeds over inappropriately. His gloves could be cleaner, but part of Penguin’s look tends to be “sewer posh” so the imperfections are fitting. even the black pinstripes on his pants are well-filled-in.

Along with the striking pose, the penguin adds a lot of life to the piece, giving the feeling of a plan in motion. The facial shape and expression look great, too. Penguin’s face is well-hidden by his hat, but sculptor Atherton didn’t cut corners. This feels like a spot where the sculptor could’ve cut corners since he’s so hidden by his top hat. Instead, he looks great, right down to the clear-plastic monocle.

I’m not a big Penguin fan. I’ve never really enjoyed the villain. And yet, the statue still looks awesome and belongs on any Batman collector’s shelf.

Disclaimer: Diamond Select provided us with one DC Movie Gallery Birds of Prey Harley Quinn PVC Diorama to photograph and examine before writing this review.

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