Patty Jenkins still set on theatrical release for Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed multiple times, but it doesn’t look as though a direct-to-home video solution is in the cards.

Speaking with Reuters about the state of movie theaters, Jenkins took a moment to address Wonder Woman 1984. She assured the news agency that a release similar to the Mulan premium release is not under consideration.

Jenkins then confirmed it via her Twitter account saying, “Direct to streaming is not even being discussed. We are still 100% behind the theatrical experience for WW84 and supporting our beloved theater business.”

Even prior to the pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 has gone through some changes. The film was originally scheduled to release on Nov. 1, 2019. It was announced in Oct. 2018, however, that the film would push back seven months to the June 5, 2020 release date. It was further delayed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time the date moved to Aug. 14, and then on June 12 it moved to the Oct. 2 date. And then it moved to Dec. 25 on Sept. 11 of this year.

We aren’t certain that Dec. 25 date is going to stand, especially with some theaters temporarily closing due to lack of business. But when your movie is a multi-million dollar film that is a sequel to a film that grossed $822 million globally, it’s unlikely to just end up streaming into our homes as opposed to going to theaters.

With Jenkins having strong feelings about the fate of movie theaters, she’s going to stand her ground, and we’ll just have to hope that enough theaters open in the near future that we can finally see this long-awaited sequel.

Reuters: Reuters