HBO Max announces premiere dates for Titans, Young Justice, and Stargirl

HBO Max has finally let it be known when more DC content will be arriving as it becomes the new central hub for all of the video content.

With DC Universe relaunching as a comics-only service, all of the video content is in the process of finding its new home at HBO Max. To that end we finally know when some of the existing episodes will be making their arrival. In the “Coming Soon” section of HBO Max you will now find dates for various shows.

First up will be Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders arriving on Nov. 1. Stargirl season 1 will then arrive on Dec. 1.

All three of these series will be receiving new seasons, but thanks to the pandemic it’s unclear when everything will make its debuts. Titans season 3 is reportedly starting filming this week.

DC Universe will live on as DC Universe Infinite in 2021 and will be focused solely on comics moving forward. The price has been reduced to reflect that announcement. All original series from the service will be housed on HBO Max going forward.

Correction: a previous version of this article incorrectly identified Titans as filming in Vancouver. It actually shoots in Toronto. We have removed the reference.