Batwoman gets a Batmobile in new set videos and photos

Batwoman is in production up in Vancouver, and thanks to a new set video we’re getting the first look at her all-new Batmobile.

While season 1 of Batwoman had the titular character riding a motorcycle, it seems may be changing in season 2. A set video surfaced late on Friday evening of some filming occurring in Vancouver, and it shows a customized black car with red highlights as well as the red Batwoman symbol on the hood. The video and photos were posted by the Awesome Friday podcast.

Some still photos give us a better look at the car.

Eventually, red underlights were also turned on.

Which eventually got brighter.

Finally, Batwoman (we assume it is Javicia Leslie in the costume and not a stunt double or stunt driver) exits the Batmobile and speaks with a thug laying in the street. This also appears to be our first look at the updated costume with a change from the red hair to something more natural.

We have no indication if the series will refer to the car as a “Batmobile,” but we’ll find out when season 2 debuts in 2021.

Hat top to David for the heads up.