Empire shares two new covers for The Suicide Squad

Empire - The Suicide Squad - Featured - 01

New The Suicide Squad photos have made their way online courtesy of Empire. We’re getting a fresh look at the squad in and out of character.

James Gunn shared the new Empire covers on Friday, and promised that when the issue comes out next week that it will include more photos and fresh interviews.

First up, the newsstand cover of the issue.

Empire - The Suicide Squad - 01

The subscriber exclusive cover is a bit more friendly and includes Gunn mixed in with the cast.

Empire - The Suicide Squad - 02

We’re still 10 months out from the release of the film, but it’s always nice to get some fresh looks at a movie. And considering the size of this cast, there is a lot to look at!

The Suicide Squad is due to hit theaters on Aug. 6, 2021.