JND Studios shows off Wonder Woman 1984 statue

JND Studios is fairly new in the high-end figure market, but judging by its Wonder Woman 1984 statue, it may be a name we hear a lot more of.

Using its Hyperreal technology, JND Studios is going for some of the most realistic looking faces we’ve seen yet on a statue. It’s upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 statue of the golden armor looks as though it walked off the screen.

Standing just over 2-feet tall, this figure is due for release in 2021 and will set you back $1,899.

WW84 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue

Wonder Woman 1984 is the second product released by JND Studios. Once again, all of JND Studios techniques were put to the test to realize the hyperreal Wonder Woman, with quality which has yet to be matched.

The Golden Eagle Armor is the new look of Wonder Woman in the latest DC – Warner Bros. film. It’s a side of Wonder Woman you’ve never seen before. JND Studios was able to recreate the beautiful face of Gal Gadot, while expressing the characteristics of the heroin in her museum pose. Comprised of 90 pieces, the golden armor displays the craftsmanship of JND Studios as its artists were able to capture the most intricate details of the costume.

The main artist for JND Studios second project is Soyoung Lee, a well renowned artist in the industry. She has once again proven her worth by putting on a full display the array of her skills to create a magnificent rendition of the famous DC Comics character. Da-Hye Kim, the 3D designer of the golden armor has also took her craftsmanship to the limits in order to recreate the most amazing version of Wonder Woman’s costume.

Sculpting, painting, hair rooting, and glass eye production – all the main parts of this hyperreal creation has come together under the leadership of Art Director Kojun for an output that cannot be topped in today’s statue market.

Although the film itself is yet to be released, Wonder Woman fans will be able to experience the beauty of Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984 before everyone else does, through JND Studios’ WW84.


  • Statue height: approximately 26 inches [H:65cm W:31cm D:31cm]
  • One (1) main piece statue with glass eye, rooted hair, and high quality painted golden eagle armor.
  • One (1) specially designed base