Titans shows off first look at Jason as the Red Hood

Titans - Season 3 - Red Hood - First Look - Featured - 01

It wasn’t quite the trailer we thought it might be, but HBO Max has shared a first look at the Red Hood costume from Titans season 3.

After a short tease this past weekend, HBO Max has come through with an eagerly anticipated look at the Red Hood costume. As TV costumes go, it’s looking pretty good and like Jason (Curran Walters) is ready to lay the smackdown on some goons.

When Titans season 2 ended, Jason went his own way from the Titans, and it was easy to assume that he would take on the mantle of the Red Hood. Sure, it isn’t quite how the vigilante came to be in the comics, but we’ll still take it.

Titans season 3 just began production after delays due to the pandemic. When exactly we will see the new season is a bit up in the air at the moment, but when it returns it will be in its new home at HBO Max. As DC Universe is relaunching as a comics-only service and all of the original television episodes will move over to Warner Bros. latest streaming service.

Taking into account the delay, our best guess is Titans season 3 will debut in Spring 2021.